Evaluation & Examination

Periodic tests, weekly tests, two full fledged examinations termed as Mid Term and Final Assessment are conducted in school months of September and March respectively.

The writing board carried by their ward is absolutely clean with no scribbling of any kind on any corner.

No calculators are carried to school.

No old question papers are retained in pockets or pencil boxes.

No scales are carried which may contain mathematical calculations.


If a child is caught using unfair means or violating any of the above mentioned rules, the child would be debarred from answering his paper. No excuse of any kind will be entertained thereafter.

Exam Schedule

1st – 5th Classes schedule

6th – 10th Classes schedule

10th – 12th Classes schedule

Co-curricular Activities

At GMSSSS, understudies are urged to take part effectively in co-curricular exercises fully intent on supporting their gifts and to permit them to blossom. They are instructed to see the value in India’s rich and fluctuated social legacy through Expressive arts, Dance, Show and Music. The understudies have been partitioned into four Houses-Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and Tagore and customary between house rivalries are coordinated. Through extra-curricular exercises, the School urges the understudies to foster their secret gifts. There is a great many exercises, for example, Music, Dance, Narrating, Sonnet Recitation, Yoga, Drawing, Paper Collapsing , Graph Making, Rakhi Making, Trademark composing, and so on that are coordinated as a vital piece of schooling and assume a vital part in all over character improvement of our understudies. Various understudies have made the school glad through their exhibitions by winning in different Region and State level rivalries in the field of Music, Workmanship and Specialty, Volleyball, Judo, Karate, Skating, Handball, Yoga Discussions and Declamations.

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Function & Celebration

The School celebrates a number of cultural and religious festivals to emphasize its commitment to provide an opportunity to learn and explore the wonderful and fascinating world of our rich and varied culture. Some of the important National, Cultural, Religious & Social events celebrated during the course of the academic session are:

Independence Day Celebrations

Teacher’s Day

Republic Day Celebrations

Children’s Day

Apart from these, the School celebrates its ANNUAL DAY by having a Day filled with festivities, cheerfulness & merry making. A number of cultural programmes including Group & Solo Dance performances, Choir, Dramatics, etc. are staged by the students along with presentation of the Annual Report & Awards to the Winners of Inter House, Inter Class Competitions, Academic & Sports rank holders.